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Modified jailed balloon technique for complex bifurcation stenting via transradial approaches

Sponsored by Terumo

Chairpersons: J. Fajadet, T.H. Koh
Operators: S. Saito, J. Tan
Control Desk: W.L. Kai

Learning Objectives

  • To learn the best treatment options for patients
  • To select the most appropriate strategy to avoid complications in complex bifurcation lesions
  • To appreciate the value of Glidesheath Slender in transradial approaches

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Patient presentation
  • Left distal transradial access in the anatomical snuffbox for coronary angiography and interventions
  • Tips and tricks with modified jailed balloon technique for bifurcation stenting
  • 4-year clinical outcomes in complex bifurcation lesions from CENTURY II trial