Safe procedure starts with a safe access - learning radial from A to Z

Facilitators: J. Loh, G.G. Toth
Senior Advisors: A. Low, J. Tan


Consult this session if you want to learn radial from A to Z: safe procedures and access, if you want to understand a step wise itinerary to safe radial puncture, troubleshooting and the difference between complication and trouble.

Learning Objectives

  • To get a handy itinerary, how to perform procedures safely through radial puncture
  • To learn how to overcome potential access site-related difficulties
  • To understand what complications might occur during radial procedures and know how to manage them

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Stepwise itinerary to safe radial puncture
  • When life is not that easy: radial troubleshooting
  • Tips and tricks: the difference between complication and trouble