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The living memory of PCR Courses is captured in this section, a dynamic look at the recorded events at the heart of our clinical knowledge and learning experience in interventional cardiovascular medecine. Whether you’re looking for a LIVE demonstration or lecture, a specific session, clinical case or slide presentation, you’ll find the elements that make PCR a valuable and continuous online learning experience. These resources are all freely available (a My PCR account is required to access certain types of content).

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GulfPCR-GIM 2017

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How would you treat these challenging cases in your lab?

Right atrium tunnel, percutaneous mitral valve-in-valve implantation with S3 prosthesis or a rare case of aortitis with bilateral ostial coronary stenosis... learn more from this cases straight from the cathlab! GulfPCR-Gim 2018

How to interpret essential CT parameters for a safe TAVI procedure?

13 Dec 2017 – From GulfPCR-GIM 2017

Need to know more on how to identify the most important CT parameters prior to TAVI? On how to read and interpret CT parameters and understand their impact in access site and valve selection? View this session from GulfPCR-GIM 2017.

How would you treat these complications in your lab?

Consult this session on how to treat complications in your lab, if you want to learn more about:

- Guideline catheter for successful retrieval of an entrapped rotablator burr
- Successfully managed dissection of right coronary sinus
- TAVI induced an obstruction of CABG
- Valve dislodgement after TAVR: possible causes and consequences thereof
- Late stent thrombosis

2017 year in review at GulfPCR-GIM 2017

Find out more about DAPT, FFR/iFR, STEMI, left main and bifurcation and other hot topics and the journal reviews during the session of "2017 Year in review". Get the overview of the major advances in interventional cardiology in 2017, important trials in the field of PCI and the result of major interventional trials into clinical practice.

Transcatheter mitral valve repair: today and tomorrow

14 Dec 2017 – From GulfPCR-GIM 2017

Jordan and Lebanon share their most educational cases: selected cases of complex coronary artery disease with emphasis on optimal revascularisation

14 Dec 2017 – From GulfPCR-GIM 2017

Complex bifurcation treatment in high-bleeding risk patients via transradial approach

14 Dec 2017 – From GulfPCR-GIM 2017

Consult this session on complex bifurcation treatment in high-bleeding risk patients via transradial approach, if you want to find out more about the clinical outcomes and the role of stent design in bifurcation stenting. We will look at the latest Ultimaster DES results in left main and bifurcations and how to optimise complex patient management, the complete patient pathway including DAPT.

Complex PCI

14 Dec 2017 – From GulfPCR-GIM 2017

GulfPCR-GIM 2017 Award and Closing Ceremony

14 Dec 2017 – From GulfPCR-GIM 2017

Consult the Award and closing ceremony for GulfPCR-GIM 2017, if you find out who this year's Best Clinical Case winner is.

Interactive Case Corner 6

14 Dec 2017 – From GulfPCR-GIM 2017