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The living memory of PCR Courses is captured in this section, a dynamic look at the recorded events at the heart of our clinical knowledge and learning experience in interventional cardiovascular medecine. Whether you’re looking for a LIVE demonstration or lecture, a specific session, clinical case or slide presentation, you’ll find the elements that make PCR a valuable and continuous online learning experience. These resources are all freely available (a My PCR account is required to access certain types of content).

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Reducing complications after TAVI: part I - Pacemaker implantation

19 May 2017 – From PCR London Valves 2017

Access to the slides including the key messages delivered during PCR London Valves 2017 on the way to reduce the complications occuring after TAVI. This first part focus on pacemaker implantation and  in particular, on the atrioventricular conduction disturbance and the new technical approaches that would help in your routine practice.

Case-based learning for the Heart Valve Team: imaging for aortic valve intervention

How to optimise the use of imaging in everyday practice? How detailed imaging can optimise the outcomes of percutaneous aortic valve intervention and help in the prediction and management of procedural complications? Watch this case-based learning for the heart valve team and gain in-depth knowledge of imaging useful in your everyday clinical practice from PCR London Valves 2017.

Case-based learning for the Heart Valve Team: percutaneous mitral valve repair using artificial chords

26 Sep 2017 – From PCR London Valves 2017

Consult this case-based learning for the Heart Valve Team on percutaneous mitral valve repair. Learn more about the technique of percutaenous mitral valve repair with artificial chord: a 53-year-old male, with severe mitral regurgitation and very low risk profile.

SPOTLIGHT: Standardised definitions for clinical and imaging endpoints after surgical and transcatheter valve intervention

In this presentation from PCR London Valves 2017, A. Baumbach, D. Capodanno, A. Lansky, M.B. Leon and N. Piazza focus on the durability, structural deterioration and valve failure, the neurological adverse events and on what really matters in clinical and patient-reported endpoints after surgical and transcatheter valve interventions.

RAPID FIRE: innovations in percutaneous tricuspid intervention

Consult this session to fully understand the anatomical and technical challenges associated with percutaneous tricuspid intervention, get an update on cutting-edge technologies with first-in-man experience, and then, identify the limitations of devices.

Percutaneous mitral valve repair - early and long-term outcomes

Consult this session on percutaneous mitral valve repair outcomes including a selection of PCR London Valves 2017 abstracts presented by T. Benito-Gonzàlez, D. Braun, A. Duncan, A. Gackowski, B. Prendergast and A. Vahanian.

TAVI in difficult anatomy

26 Sep 2017 – From PCR London Valves 2017

Consult a selection of 6 cases to learn how to perform TAVI in difficult anatomy, in particular:
- Left ventricular outflow tract decalcification prior to TAVI: a simple way to prevent paravalvular leakage and mechanical complications
- Is contrast-enhanced CT necessary for emergent balloon aortic valvuloplasty
- Riding through twisty roads: Evolut R crossing a severely tortuous and calcified aorta

Complications of mitral edge-to-edge repair

Consult this session from PCR London Valves 2017 including in particular cases on acute embolisation, cardiogenic shock, mitral valve chordal entrapment, and percutaneous mitral valve repair in patient with pectus exavatum.

Highlights of the Course PCR London Valves 2017

We offer our heartfelt thanks to the 2.576 active participants who made this 2017 edition of PCR London Valves a resounding success! What, you weren't there? Don't worry, we'll be back next year with even more challenge, more innovations, and more of you! Until then, why don't you take a walk with us through the highlights of PCR London Valves 2017? 19 Industry Partners, 303 participants at Innovators Day London, more than 240 submissions... See you next year!

Keynote lecture - Valve surgery and valve surgeons: past, present and future

26 Sep 2017 – From PCR London Valves 2017

Consult this session on the Keynote lecture from PCR London Valves 2017 on valve surgery and valve surgeons: past, present and future. O. Alfieri, F. Maisano and S. Windecker focus on the developments in valvular interventions.