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2017 ESC Silver medalist and Andreas Grüntzig lecturer, MC Morice, speaks with 2017 ESC Gold medalist, William Wijns


40 years of angioplasty, 15 years of TAVI! Join MC Morice, this year’s Andreas Grüntzig lecturer and recipient of the 2017 ESC Silver Medal, in this conversation with W. Wijns, the ESC 2017 Gold medal awardee, as these two pioneers discuss their lifework. MC Morice looks at her ongoing commitment to research including her ground-breaking 1995 study on intracoronary stenting without Coumadin. W.Wijns, remembering the patient at the centre of our discipline, sees Stent for Life – with its positive effect on patient access to therapies and significant impact on morbidity and mortality – along with the educational activities of the PCR family, as part of his living legacy.