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May 2017

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16-19 May 2017
EuroPCR 2017



Best of PCR Innovators Day: Mitral and Tricuspid valve intervention, imaging and the cathlab of the future


In this interview, Alec Vahanian, France, and Jeroen Bax, The Netherlands, discuss some of the interesting concepts presented at PCR Innovators Day. Interview conducted by Paul Cummins, EuroIntervention Managing Editor.

During the Structural Heart Session, mitral and tricuspid valve intervention was a topic of great interest, it's a challenging issue with different potential approaches: repair, replace, combine techniques...

During the session on Multimodality imaging and the Cathlab of the future, it became clear that imaging is now integrated into the cathlab. Furthermore, there were very interesting presentations on 3D printing in congenital structural heart disease, FFR measurements, use of bioabsorbable prostethis that could regenerate by themselves, etc.

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