EuroPCR 2015 Highlights: Coronary Interventions


EuroPCR 2015: Thomas Cuisset, Christoph Naber and William Wijns interviewed by Gabor Toth, Austria, on BRS, CTO and DAPT.

Christoph Naber, Germany, talks about Bioresorbable scaffolds (BRS), a hot topic during the Course, with a number of new devices coming, updates on real-world data, and very practical discussions, exchanging tips and tricks.

William Wijns, Belgium, reports on the invasive imaging studies and the great interest he noticed during the Course on learning these techniques: "CTO intervention really has displaced the frontiers of what we can achieve in coronary interventions: you see amazing results with some of these techniques that now allow to reopen vessels that have been occluded for decades".

Thomas Cuisset, France, discusses the Great Debate 2015 on Dual Antiplatelet Therapy, highlighting the difference between the evidence which tries to find a solution for all patients, and the practice which aims to find a solution for one individual patient, emphasising that DAPT duration must be tailored to the patient, a finding supported by recent data.