EuroPCR 2015 Highlights: Hypertension


Felix Mahfoud, Germany, and Atul Pathak, France, are interviewed by Gabor Toth, Austria, about where we are now in the field of interventional treatment of hypertension, as seen during EuroPCR 2015.

Atul Pathak asserts, that after a decline, the field is back, citing new studies with clinically significant results that give a strong signal and show the need to reassess the therapy for the future.

Felix Mahfoud discusses new findings that could reduce treatment variability with optimised treatment strategies. He explains that there are studies on the way that will be key in reconciling the evidence around renal denervation in both on- and off-medication patient subgroups when it comes to blood pressure regulation.

In his own words : "The armamentarium to treat hypertension, as well as atrial fibrillation and heart failure is there, and there is a huge need for future clinical research to investigate how these tools could be used in selected patients".

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