EuroPCR 2015 Highlights: Structural Heart Disease


Pascal Thériaud-Lauzier, Canada, Nicolo Piazza, Canada, and Bernard Prendergast, UK, interviewed by Patrick Calvert, UK.

The future’s looking very positive for TAVI and its continued expansion into intermediate and low-risk cohorts. Bernard Prendergast discusses new devices coming to market, and implications of promising data presented during EuroPCR 2015, including the expansion of this technology beyond aortic stenosis to encompass aortic regurgitation in due course.

If TAVI is the established therapy, mitral valve replacement is the "new kid on the block" : Nicolo Piazza discusses the early promising developments in the percutaneous line of mitral valve replacement, as well as those in the field of percutaneous heart failure therapies.

"CT will play a crucial for mitral valve and heart failure patients": Pascal Thériaud-Lauzier talks about the importance of imaging in structural interventions today and what the future holds.