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EuroPCR 2016: The best of interventional cardiovascular medicine


EuroPCR is an explosion of knowledge, open exchange and learning. Now, before the dust has settled, join us for the highlights of the 2016 edition…capturing all the excitement and conviviality of our week in Paris.

We review the “tracks” that make EuroPCR so valuable: T. Cuisset, A. Baumbach and M. Haude speak on the coronary interventions programme; S. Windecker, B. Prendergast and D. Tchetche offer their impressions of the interventions for valvular disease and heart failure track; A. Sauguet and A. Cremonesi take a look at the high points of the peripheral interventions programme and A. Pathak with F. Mahfoud highlight interventions for hypertension and stroke.

There is so much to learn & share - enjoy this video!