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Great Debate EuroPCR 2016 - extending TAVI to low risk patients


This year’s EuroPCR Great Debate was a truly “hot topic” – the question of whether or not to extend TAVI to lower risk patients. Join surgeon T. Walther and interventional cardiologist D. Mylotte as they offer an overview of this fascinating debate in discussion with A. Vahanian.

Ranging from the critical role of the Heart Team to how to define lower risk population themselves are just some of the questions discussed. Can we use scoring systems, such as the STS Score or EuroSCORE, which were devised for surgery at a time when TAVI was still an unproven procedure?

How do we move forward when data is lacking and the questions of long-term durability remain to be answered? While we’re waiting for serious “all-comers” randomised trials to give us conclusive responses, let’s find out what we know today, and how our participants inn this Great Debate see the future…