Learnings from the SAVI-TF registry and the MORENA comparative analysis

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Won-Keun KIM, Germany, discusses two studies on devices that can be used in all patients that physicians encounter. The SAVI-TF registry is a post-market registry performed after CE-mark in order to look at the safety and efficacy of the self-expanding ACURATE-neo™ transcathether valve. An all-comers registry displaying real life procedures, it looked at a contemporary TAVI population of 1,000 patients. Outcome data were excellent: outstanding 30-day mortality of 1.4% and moderate to severe PV leaks at around 4%.

The MORENA study is a multicenter propensity-matched comparison of two novel transfemoral transcathether heart valves : ACURATE neo™ vs SAPIEN™ 3, considered as the standard for TAVI treatment today. A retrospective analysis was performed in 3 centres in German. Procedure outcomes showed no difference between the two devices, except for some minor differences regarding PVL where the SAPIEN™3 performed slightly better, but the ACURATE-neo™ had some other advantages with pacemaker rate and post-procedure gradients.