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What's new in cardiovascular interventions and pharmacology?


GLOBAL LEADERS trial (Comparative effectiveness of 1 month of ticagrelor plus aspirin followed by ticagrelor monotherapy vs. a current-day intensive DAPT in all-comers patients undergoing PCI with bivalirudin and biomatrix family DES use)

An important element in cardiovascular interventions is adjunctive pharmacotherapy. With new trial results becoming available each day do you know what are the latest trends for patients needing oral anti-coagulation therapy and DAPT? What are the best combinations? The bleeding risks? What have we learned from recent trials in the use of new agents or determining the ideal duration of different therapy regimens? What might be the role of oral, anticoagulation agents in structural heart therapies such as TAVI? Join G. Steg and T. Cuisset as they explore these and other questions in this impassioned discussion…