LIVE Centres

2016 LIVE case transmissions

Optimise your skills and improve the level of care you give to your patients! Benefit from watching procedures as if you were in the cathlab, and from tips, tricks and techniques shown by experienced and skilled operators.

LIVE transmissions are effective educational tools. In line with PCR’s mission, their goal is to serve the needs of each individual patient by helping the cardiovascular community to share knowledge, experience and best practices. This mission is based upon:

  • Careful patient selection
  • Putting the debate into perspective: whilst chairpersons and panellists debate various issues specific to each procedure, focusing on how to prevent and treat potential complications, the audience instantly contributes via React@PCR. This instant messaging system accessed via smartphone allows the audience to take an active part in the discussion during and after the case.

 Discover below the four centres of excellence who will be hosting this year’s LIVE demonstrations.

2016 LIVE Centres


National Heart Centre Singapore - Singapore

National Heart Centre Singapore

NEW! Nanjing First Hospital, Nanjing Medical University - Nanjing, China

Nanjing Medical University


NEW! Fortis Escorts Heart Institute – New Dehli, India

Fortis Escorts Heart Institute

 NEW! National University Heart Centre – Singapore

National University Heart Centre