Posters’Lab: digital space for e-posters

The Posters’Lab is an innovative space within PCR Courses where hundreds of resources arising from the Calls for Abstracts can be accessed by all participants.


The Posters’Lab is a new comfortable and friendly space within PCR Courses in which education, innovation and peer-to-peer interactivity meet. There, you will be able to find:

  • Touch-screens featuring an important number of e-Posters covering all Programme Themes
  • An exclusive Moderated Poster presentation area
  • A vivid networking area

Digital first

The innovative digital experience provided by PCR enhances the educational immersion as it offers:

  • Access to a wide number of resources through an interactive and intuitive navigation
  • Easy exploration of detailed and multimodality e-Posters
  • Further interactivity between authors and participants as commenting or emailing is made simple

Networking at the core

Open to the entire community, the Posters’Lab is the ideal networking area: come to comment e-Posters with your peers, ask your questions to the authors or simply exchange with your colleagues on daily practice matters.

Moderated Posters area

E-Posters selected by Course Directors are presented by the authors in this area set within the Posters’Lab. The Moderated Poster sessions are composed of several short yet vivid presentations where speakers and audience members have the chance to interact. Visit the interactive Programmes of your PCR Course to find out which abstracts will be presented within this area.
Take an active part in this unique learning experience at EuroPCR, PCR London Valves and AsiaPCR/SingLIVE.