Welcome message from EuroPCR 2015 Course Directors

EuroPCR is the official annual meeting of the European Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions (EAPCI) and the world-leading Course in interventional medicine.

EuroPCR 2015 Course Directors


J Fajadet

william wijns


Alberto Cremonesi

Jean Fajadet

William Wijns

Stephan Windecker

Dear colleagues and friends from the PCR community, we wish you a warm welcome home at EuroPCR 2015.

EuroPCR is the flagship of all PCR educational events by size, but also by offering: it is the global forum for sharing within and between all interventional communities. The diversity of PCR communities is apparent in the various common denominators around which they form. Whether it is by interest, activity or generation, by disease track (from coronary intervention to heart failure), by nationality, by primary interest (CTO, invasive physiology, mitral repair, clinical research, bifurcation PCI, innovation), by practice: colleagues find each other here in Paris.

What do you share during EuroPCR? Relevant learning that adds value to your personal interventional practice today and tomorrow. As a member of the worldwide interventional community, you are part of a unique professional workforce that is highly capable of delivering the most appropriate and friendly care to each individual patient, in the light of experience, through constantly updated skills, powered by best available evidence, in keeping with the prevailing environment.

How does one become such a highly effective professional? With lifelong, transformative, impactful, self-directed learning.


Think back for a moment and remember your practice at the time you became a cardiologist. As for ourselves, most of the currently applied diagnostic strategies and therapeutic tools simply did not exist, yet we did learn about them. At the very start of our careers, sharing with our mentors – through proctoring – was essential. With experience, sharing with our peers has become and continues to be of utmost importance. Sharing enables us to acquire and refine the specific blend of scientific knowledge and technical skills that the practice of our discipline requires. Sharing never loses its importance in our constantly evolving field. Indeed, mutual education is key to strengthening our common effort in improving patient care. Although EuroPCR brings together 12,000+ practitioners from 120+ countries, the Course feels intimate because the exchange among peers is real.


Tomorrow’s care will be very different from today’s standard, your knowledge and skills will continue to change, at a fast pace. This energy, this appetite for innovation is part of the DNA of our discipline from its onset.

We know that you are eager to keep your practice up to date and that your teams back home are just as eager for you to bring them insights onto the future. This year, several inititatives such as the Innovation hub – where you will have access to trial status updates, late-breaking trial presentations and more – will provide ample opportunities to quench your thirst for knowledge about the latest technologies: the future begins now!


Let’s leave on the side what is standing in the way or only marginally useful for practice. We realise that your time is limited. Each minute spent at the Course should bring you added value and clinically relevant content. To help you make the most of EuroPCR, a few elements can help: use the 5 scientific tracks to best navigate the programme, download the PCR app to enrich your Course experience, adopt the React messaging system. Opportunities to raise your hand and make your voice heard abound at EuroPCR: join Learning and PCR Sharing Centre sessions and take part in open conversations between peers. Please, don’t leave Paris with a question still in mind!


You know better than anybody else what you need to learn to improve your capability of delivering the most appropriate care to each individual patient who is requestin­g your help. At EuroPCR, we want you to take ownership of your educational experience. Participate, question, share, challenge, debate and network: everything proposed during the Course is intended by and for you. With 1 out of 2 sessions built from the calls for submissions, the Course aims to be a true reflection of your daily practice: your individual practice is the primary of mutual education. Then, make your own interpretation, validate and re-formulate the meaning of your personal experience.

Offering lifelong, transformative, impactful, self-directed learning is the raison d’être of all PCR educational efforts. Through its scope, width and diversity, we hope that your personalised experience at EuroPCR 2015 will be useful, stimulating, worthwhile, and rejuvenating.

The EuroPCR Course Directors