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EuroPCR 2017 LIVE demonstrations

The educational quality of the LIVE demonstrations is PCR's key priority. When preparing for their LIVE demonstrations all Operators strive to respond to the two following fundamental questions:

  • What do I need to demonstrate during this LIVE case to help members of the audience improve their personal skills?
  • As a member of the audience, what would I like to see and understand during the LIVE demonstration that helps me improve my daily practice?


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Click on the image to discover the centres of excellence that will be contributing this year's LIVE and Recorded cases*

* The list of centres contributing Recorded cases will be regularly updated, as the programme building progresses.

Learn more on PCR's educational and ethical principles

  • Live-case demonstrations: putting patients first

J. Fajadet, S. Wood, W. Wijns. European Heart Journal.

Revisit some of the highlights of last year’s LIVE demonstrations

  • LIVE case: PCI of LCX/OM1 bifurcation with culotte technique

LIVE demonstration from Clinique Pasteur - Toulouse, France (2016)

  • LIVE case: right internal carotid stenting and FFR of LAD

LIVE demonstration from Maria Cecilia Hospital, GVM Care & Research - Cotignola, Italy (2016)

  • LIVE case: a simplified TF TAVI

LIVE demonstration from Swiss Cardiovascular Centre, Bern University Hospital - Bern, Switzerland (2016)

  • LIVE case: rotablation of LAD

LIVE demonstration from St Thomas' Hospital - London, United Kingdom (2016)

LIVE demonstrations are transmitted from*

* The Operating teams will be regularly updated as the programme building progresses.

City, Country

LIVE Centres


Aalst, Belgium

Cardiovascular Centre, OLV Aalst

E. Barbato, J. Bartunek, B. De Bruyne, T. De Potter

Invited Operator: T. Adriaenssens

Beijing, China

Fu Wai Hospital, National Centre for Cardiovascular Diseases

K. Dou, J. Qian, Y. Yang

Bern, Switzerland

Swiss Cardiovascular Centre, Bern University Hospital

M. Asami, N. Brugger, A.Moschovitis, T. Pilgrim, L. Räber, S. Stortecky, Y. Ueki, S. Windecker, K. Yamaji

Cotignola, Italy

Maria Cecilia Hospital, GVM Care & Research

F. Castriota, A. Micari

Invited Operator: F. De Marco

Essen, Germany

Contilia Heart and Vascular Centre, Elisabeth Hospital

C. Jensen, C. Naber, T. Schmitz, A. Wolf


Chest Diseases Hospital, Kuwait Heart Centre

D. Al Khdair, K. Al Merri

London, United Kingdom

St Thomas' Hospital

J. Hancock, B. Prendergast, S. Redwood

Invited Operator: J. Rogers

Madrid, Spain

Hospital Universitario Clínico San Carlos

J. Escaned, A. Fernandez-Ortiz, N. Gonzalo

Massy, France

Institut Cardiovasculaire Paris Sud

H. Benamer, B. Chevalier, P. Garot, T. Hovasse, T. Lefevre

Invited Operators: A. Gagnor, Y. Onuma, A. Seth, G. Werner


National University Heart Centre

M. Chan, R.C.H. Lee, H. C. Tan

Toulouse, France

Clinique Pasteur

N. Dumonteil, J. Fajadet, B. Farah, B. Honton, A. Sauguet, D. Tchétché

Recorded case demonstrations are transmitted from

City, Country

Recorded Centre

Bonn, Germany

Heart Center Bonn, University Hospital

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen Rigshospitalet

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Golden Jubilee National Hospital, West of Scotland Heart & Lung Centre

Leipzig, Germany

Heart Center Leipzig, University Hospital

Massy, France

Institut Cardiovasculaire Paris Sud

Neuss, Germany

Städtische Kliniken Neuss, Lukaskrankenhaus GmbH

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