PCR’s Got Talent: Best Abstract Award

Attend the 3rd edition of PCR’s Got Talent — EuroPCR abstract competition — to discover the work of young practitioners from all around the world. New this year: vote live during contest sessions and have a say in the winner’s selection!

What is the competition all about?

This stepwise competition provides an impressive platform for young practitioners to present their abstracts to a worldwide audience and Faculty members.

It is based on the scientific relevance of presenters’ abstracts, as well as on their presentation skills and takes place in three rounds:

1st round

  • 3 minutes pitch
  • no slides allowed

2nd round

  • 5 minutes pitch
  • Slides allowed
  • Live discussion with Jury and audience members like you

3rd round 

  • 8 minutes presentation
  • Slides allowed
  • Live discussion with Jury and audience members like you

Professional coaching

All of the contestants throughout the competition are given the opportunity to receive coaching from experienced professional in order to help them boost their presentations. Indeed, this abstract contest serves as an ideal educational tool for young practitioners.

Learning from an award-winning presentation:

Watch this video and Listen to C. Cook present the pitch that helped him win PCR’s Got Talent in 2015. Let this presentation inspire you and help you prepare your own winning pitch.

C. Cook's winning presentation is also available for download. Find out how to present your abstract in an effective yet comprehensive approach. 

PCR's Got Talent winners

Who are the participants?

  • Young practitioners under 40 years old
  • Participants who have presented only one abstract for the competition
  • Participants who have not accessed to the final round or won the previous editions

What does the winner get?

The winner of PCR’s Got Talent is announced during the Awards Ceremony at EuroPCR and is granted with:

  • Abstract presentation on-stage during Closing Ceremony
  • An exclusive invitation to join EuroPCR 2018 as a Guest Faculty

Who are the Jury members? 

For each round of the competition a Jury composed of six Guest Faculty, including former PCR's Got Talent awardees, is in charge of judging contestant's work and performance.

New this year: you are part of the Jury!

Audience members will be able to qualify participants performance and their abstract’s quality LIVE during sessions through the PCR Courses App. All audience votes will represent the voice of 1 Jury.

PCR's Got Talent


Why should you attend these sessions?

  • To support your fellow young practitioners
  • To discover Abstracts of young practitioners from all around the world
  • To vote as a Jury LIVE through the PCR Courses App