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EuroPCR 2017 Sponsored Programme details

Learn how our Board of Directors ensures the educational quality of this Sponsored Programme and understand how our different Session Formats address the specific needs you may express.

Thanks to the support of our committed Industry Partners, the EuroPCR 2017’s Scientific Programme is once again, adequately complemented by 44 highly educational Sponsored sessions.

This very significant contribution by our Industry Partners – be they medical device firms, imaging equipment, software providers or pharmaceutical companies – characterises the field of cardiovascular interventions: in the cathlab, these "tools" help you – healthcare professionals – provide your patients with the best care possible.

Highly Educational Programme

At EuroPCR like at any PCR Course, the proposed Sponsored sessions are thoroughly reviewed by the Board of Directors to make sure that:

  • They complement the Scientific Programme
  • They are well integrated into the learning pathways
  • Their educational value is aligned with the Programme’s spirit

Session Formats

Different formats are available, answering all the specific needs you may express:

  • Tools and Techniques (TNT): from LIVE or recorded LIVE demonstrations, technologies are featured in actual clinical practice
  • Symposium: learn about clinical research outcomes that may affect your daily practice
  • Case in Point: use featured clinical cases to reflect on your own practice

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