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Apr 2017

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7-9 Apr 2017
PCR Tokyo Valves 2017



May 2017

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16-19 May 2017
EuroPCR 2017



What not to miss

What's new in EuroPCR 2017? Discover the project Commemorating the 40 years of Angioplasty, this year's Hot topics, the new Session Formats and more.

Celebrating the 40 years of Angioplasty

PCR is proud to commemorate the 40th anniversary of angioplasty by setting up a retrospective exposition that retraces the major milestones in the history of interventional cardiology.
Are you attending EuroPCR next May? Don’t miss your chance to take part at this highly educational, interactive and inspirational Exposition.

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2017 Hot Topics

  • Mitral: percutaneous repair or replacement?
  • Heart Team: necessary or outdated?
  • Left main: is it now part of daily clinical practice?
  • Hypertension : future role for interventional device-based therapies
  • Scaffold: what's next?
  • TAVI: is there a role left for surgery?
  • PCI of CTO: failure is no longer an option?
  • Interventional cardiology for stroke: dream or reality?
  • Peripheral interventions: what every interventional cardiologist should offer to his patients?

New Session Formats

This year’s Programme includes 5 new session formats. Case-based, practical and interactive, discover what each of these new formats has to offer:

  • Toolbox Sessions by renowned expert and his fellow: A practical and interactive case-based sessions focusing on materials.
  • Case-based discussion of treatment dilemma: Discuss the best possible treatment options in complex clinical situations
  • Burning Questions: Ask you questions directly to renowned colleagues!
  • Treatment strategies for challenging cases: During this 90 minutes sessions two countries will share their approaches in terms of strategies, procedure and treatment for the same topic.
  • Evidence - Practice mismatch: Case-based discussion of clinical solutions involving potential cognitive conflicts between evidence - data and practice - experience

Course Structure

The Course Structure has been designed to help you get a glimpse of the Course organisation before the official Programme is announced. You can now get a comprehensive understanding of how the Programme will be distributed, as well as general visualisation of the hours and extent of each session.

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Introducing EuroPCR 2017

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