EuroPCR 2018: Highly educational Programme

EuroPCR is an exclusive and truly unique Course articulated around a highly educational Programme, built By and For you, driven by Innovation, comprising a Worldwide scope and placing Networking at the core. Discover the main principles that draw our Course.

 A Course built By and For you with high educational and scientific values that perfectly addresses your needs and that of your daily practice, whether you are a physician, young practitioner, nurse or allied professional.

Our comprehensive Programme offers a broad catalogue of sessions, covering the essentials just as well as the latest controversies in the field.

  • Over 350 sessions ensuring an in depth-coverage of the most significant scientific topics

Our Programme has been built around four complementary approaches: Themes, Topics, Focus and Formats. It has also been designed to offer a modular configuration, allowing you to easily combine elements from each one of them. Therefore, our moveable Programme can easily and precisely be adapted to your preferences. Find your Theme of interest within the field Focus of your choice, and select the educational Format that better suits you and your learning objectives. The result is a truly personalised experience.

  • A modular Programme that easily and precisely adapts to your preferences

We help you choose the sessions that better suit you and your very own needs or interests by predefining a set of specific Learning Objectives.

  • Predefined Learning Objectives to help you make the selection that better suits you

Every year, 50% of our Scientific Programme is built based on the Abstracts, Clinical Cases, Images, Innovative works and Late-Breaking Trials submitted by the interventional cardiovascular community that you are part of.

  • 1 out of 2 sessions built based on community submissions

All of our session speakers and panelists are practitioners just like you. From the stage, they share their experience with over 12,000 participants hoping to help them strengthen their day to day decision-making for each individual patient.

  • All sessions held by daily practitioners

All throughout the year we conduct satisfaction surveys to make your voice heard: your feedback drives our progress.

  • New Session Formats constantly developed based on ongoing feedback

Our Board Members closely work with industry partners through the process of conceiving the Sponsored Programme. This scientific guidance ensures the educational outreach of the Programme.

  • A thorough Sponsored Programme complying with high educational and ethical standards

The CME accreditation guarantees the high scientific value of our Programme and offers you an opportunity to carry out and validate your professional training.

  • A CME accreditation that guarantees the educational and scientific value of the Programme

Driven by Innovation