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Indirect Sponsorship: what does it mean?

EuroPCR 2018: how can you, as a Healthcare Professional, benefit from sponsorship to attend the Course?

A new Code of ethics adopted by regional organisations (MedTech EuropeAPACMedMecomed) is transforming the way in which Industry members can support attendance of participants to medical educational events around the world.

According to the new regulations, financial support for participants remains possible strictly under an indirect scheme. Indeed, Industry partners are no longer allowed to grant financial aids directly to Healthcare professionals. These must be allocated through third-parties (Healthcare institutions or event organisers) in the form of educational allowances.

Indirect sponsorship: how to access it?

1. The most effective way as of today, through your institution (hospital):

  • Either industry partners allocate educational grants directly to your institution, then responsible for allocating these funds to eligible practitioners according to mentioned criteria by industry 
  • Or industry partners provide educational grants to a third party such as PCR/Europa Group, who then gets in touch with your institution (a named contact person by industry) to allocate these grants to eligible practitioners

Get in touch with your institution in order to get to know grant availabilities within it.

2. Limited opportunity today, thanks to PCR/Europa Group via unrestricted grants:

  • Industry partners may provide grants for targeted healthcare professional populations, e.g. fellows, etc. In which case, PCR/Europa Group will select practitioners out of their database
    The  Call for Application for the Fellows Course is closed.

Currently, there are no ongoing Calls for Applications via PCR. If and whenever grant possibilities emerge, PCR will contact practitioners via email. 

Enquire with industry partners whether they can support your institution with educational grants; PCR/Europa Group can receive industry grants and manage selection of practitioners until mid-April 2018 for EuroPCR 2018. Industry representatives can contact us at medtech-pcr@europa-organisation.com

The  Call for Applications for the Fellows Course is closed.

Who is concerned by the indirect support scheme introduced by new regulations?

  • Participants who were supported by an industry partner to attend previous editions of EuroPCR and want to know how to renew this support under the new regulations
  • Participants who have never before received industry support to attend EuroPCR and are interested in getting to know the existing possibilities that comply with new regulations

Complete your profile on MyPCR 

By keeping your MyPCR account up-to-date you make it easier for:

  • PCR to contact you if and whenever it receives Industry funds to finance Educational Allowances
  • The Selection committee to review your profile during selection process for attribution of Educational Allowances

For further information on the new Code of Ethics by MedTech Europe and the evolutions in accessing industry sponsorship, please visit our dedicated FAQ section.

New Code of Ethics by MedTech Europe (echoed by APACMed, Mecomed)

Find out more about new regulations.

Do you have any questions regarding the new Code of Ethics and its implications for practitioners? Please visit our most Frequently Asked Questions section.