The EAPCI Fellows Course Programme at EuroPCR 2018

The EAPCI Fellows Course provides participants with an overview on the theoretical background of interventional techniques. From research and practice to complications, to an introduction to TAVI... discover a first glimpse of the 2018 Programme: timetable, session titles and expected learning outcomes.

Monday 21 May 2018



EAPCI Fellows Course - Opening


Basics - not boring but crucial

Attend this session if you want:

  • To discuss the most crucial basics
  • To discuss what everyone needs to know before starting coronary interventions: radiation risk, safe access, technical basics of used material


Chat & caffeine


Intravascular understanding - imaging anatomy and function

Attend this session if you want:

  • To understand, when and why additional intravascular diagnostic modalities are needed
  • To understand the pros and cons for each of them
  • To give a clear itinerary: which should be used and in which scenario


Bifurcations - which technique, when, why and how?

Attend this session if you want:

  • To understand how to assess bifurcation anatomy in order to enhance revascularisation strategies
  • To get a clear idea on decision-making and technical aspect, how a bifurcation PCI should be performed in everyday practice
  • To understand specific considerations, once doing left main PCI


Eat, chat and make friends


Acute coronary syndrome - how to save lives

Attend this session if you want:

  • To understand, how to choose the « best tailored » antiplatelet regime
  • To get a practical revascularisation itinerary to complex ACS cases


Research and practice walk together

Attend this session if you want:

  • To understand why publications should be read with cautiousness before taking the results for granted
  • To get an update on the latest literature


Chat & caffeine


Complications - what to do when a nightmare comes true

Attend this session if you want:

  • To get practical tips on how life-threatening complications can be managed once they occur

Tuesday 22 May 2018



PCI of resistant lesions - how to break the stone

Attend this session if you want:

  • To get a practical itinerary (including tools and techniques), how to cope with resistant lesions
  • To learn the basic steps of CTO PCI (when to start, how to do, when to convert, when to stop)


Introduction to TAVI - my first touches on aortic valve

Attend this session if you want:

  • To get an appetiser to TAVI procedure including, patient selection, preproc work-up, puncture, basic steps

11:15-11 :30  


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