All about GulfPCR-GIM 2017

In this section you will find out all about GulfPCR-GIM 2017 and what makes this Course unique.

About GulfPCR-GIM

With the firm intention of sharing experience, knowledge and cultures, PCR and GIM joined forces in 2011 to create GulfPCR-GIM.

GulfPCR-GIM aims at supporting medical education in the Middle East and facilitating information on existing and new technologies in the field of cardiovascular interventions. The Course also reaches out to a wider international audience. Its keywords: knowledge and experience learning. As it addresses specific issues in this part of the world, it also aims at stimulating regional projects.

GulfPCR-GIM hashtag

Are you interested in following GulfPCR-GIM whether you're near or far away? Use this hashtag: #GulfPCR-GIM, and make sure you don't miss any of the congress buzz!

Board members

Familiarise yourself with the Course directors and Programme Committee members for this 2017 edition of GulfPCR-GIM: Ibrahim Al Rashdan, Haitham Amin, Thomas Cuisset, Jean Fajadet and more...

About directors & members

GulfPCR-GIM 2017 Video

View a dedicated video that will help you grasp the issues and challenges affecting this Course. Find out why you should attend!

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MedTech Europe Compliance

GulfPCR-GIM 2017 has received "Pre-clearance" from MedTech Europe. The Course will be submitted for COMPLIANCE with the MedTech Code of Ethical Business Practice. The overall appropriateness of the conference for sponsorship of Healthcare Professionals by MedTech Europe members will be submitted for assessment.

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