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GulfPCR-GIM 2017 editorial presentation

Read as Course Directors Haitham Amin, Ibrahim Al Rashdan, Jean Fajadet, and Thomas Cuisset expose the central themes of the upcoming 2017 edition of GulfPCR-GIM. As you will find out this Course is:

  • Built By and For interventional cardiologists in the Middle East
  • Consistent with the daily practice of Practitioners, Nurses and Allied Professionals
  • Improved with a set of renewed features
  • Focused on improving patient care
Assistanceat GulfPCR-GIM

Dear Colleagues and PCR Family members,

The seventh edition of GulfPCR-GIM, the leading-edge interventional Course in the Middle East, approaches and it is our great pleasure to share with you a few insights into this year’s edition.

A tailor-made Course for the Middle East and Gulf regions

As it is the case year after year, GulfPCR-GIM intends to address the specific educational needs of the region’s practitioners. Therefore, this year’s Scientific Programme has been conceived by setting the specificities of the patients — that we get to see in our daily practice, as well as the availability of technologies and experience in the region as preeminent guidelines.

We invite you to get acquainted with this comprehensive curriculum which has been deliberately built By and For you.

A Course relevant to your daily practice

This year again one of the prime objectives of this leading-edge Course is to offer practitioners an educational experience that is utterly relevant to their daily practice. It is therefore within our most sincere aspirations to guide each one of our participants towards successfully translating the knowledge imparted through the sessions into practical skills that can benefit their next patient.

An improved seventh edition

For this upcoming edition of the Course we have conceived a variety of innovative sessions and revamped already existing formats in order to ensure you benefit from a unique educational experience.

GulfPCR-GIM editorial public intervention

Among this edition’s novelties you might be able to encounter the "2017 year in review" session — which offers a comprehensive summary of the most conspicuous results and data released throughout the year — as well as the "Evidence-practice dmismatch" segment. 

These will allows us altogether to review the literature and look at the evidence in order to bring to light every evidence-practice mismatch that may occur in dealing with patients in our region.

We would like to extend our invitation to dive further into the novelties that the 2017 edition has in store for you.

A patient-centered sharing platform

We encourage practitioners interested and committed to cardiovascular interventions in the Gulf and Middle-East regions to join us on 13 and 14 December for a highly educative and interactive Course.

Let this be the quintessential opportunity to enhance your practice by sharing knowledge and experience with those colleagues striving to offer patients in our region the best possible outcomes.

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