Radial approach: the essentials

Released during EuroPCR 2014 and available to the community at large, Radial approach: the essentials is the first Course made available on PCR edu online.

Radial approach: the essentials - With a restricted educational grant from TERUMO

Radial access is generally very simple, but sometimes it can be more challenging. Watch these videos to become more confident and improve your performance in this technique. The course follows a logical sequence, from patient selection, to puncture and navigation, to ostia vessel cannulation; but it is also possible to jump straight to the section that is most relevant to your immediate need.

Each module is made up of helpful media such as conversations between experienced people - who we call ‘online proctors’. They share their experiences and insights, as well as looking at cases and practical tips. Each discussion is focused around tips and tricks you can use immediately to help develop the best management strategy for each of your individual patients.

Course structure

  • The fundamentals
  • Navigation
  • Cannulation

Proctoring team:
Ibrahim Al Rashdan, Haitham Amin, Hakim Benamer, Bruno Farah, Jacques Monségu and Helen Routledge.

Radial approach: the essentials