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Step-by-step planning and performing bifurcation PCI: provisional single-stent strategy

Discover the details of this Round Table Webinar taking place on Monday 5 March 2018 at 17h French time (UTC+2)

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This PCR Webinar, "Step-by-step planning and performing bifurcation PCI: provisional single-stent strategy" consists of:

  • a 60-minute LIVE discussion between leading experts in a studio
  • throughout which you can use the chat section for questions and comments



At the end of this module participants will be able:

  • To understand which bifurcations lesions should be treated by provisional single stent strategy
  • To apprehend how to plan and perform a provisional stenting
    • Planning: pre-procedural aspects
    • Treating: procedural tools and techniques
    • Preventing and managing: potential procedure-related complications

Want to learn more about bifurcation PCI? Consult these two publications from EuroIntervention:

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These PCR Webinars are available thanks to the support of Medtronic. PCR develops independant educational programmes.