The new rotational atherectomy system for treating undilatable coronary lesions

Discover the details of this Round Table Webinar taking place on Friday 20 April 2018 at 5:00 pm - Paris time (UTC+2)

Webinar Calcified Lesions

This PCR Webinar, "The new rotational atherectomy system for treating undilatable coronary lesions" consists of:

  • a 60-minute LIVE discussion between leading experts in a studio
  • throughout which you can use the chat section for questions and comments



Attend this PCR Webinar if you want to :

  • Discover the new rotational atherectomy equipment
  • Discuss the European Consensus Document and explain the 'new rules'
  • Learn how to avoid and manage most common complications

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Want to learn more about rotational atherectomy? Consult this publication from EuroIntervention:

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