Round Table Webinar - PCI of calcified left main – how to do safely?

Discover the details of this Round Table Webinar taking place in October 2018

PCR Webinars on left main

This PCR Round Table Webinar, "PCI of calcified left main – how to do safely?" consists of:

  • A 60-minute LIVE discussion between leading experts in a studio
  • Throughout which you can use the chat section for questions and comments



Participate in this Webinar if you want:

  • To discuss procedural risk stratification of lesions in the left main stem
  • To understand the specific risks of PCI in a heavily calcified left main
  • To learn how rotablation can be performed safely in the left main

Registrations will be opening soon. Stay tuned!

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These PCR Webinars are available thanks to the support of Medtronic. PCR develops independant educational programmes.