Radial approach in complex angioplasty: from the puncture to the haemostasis

18 December 2017 // This PCR Webinar is now over and will be accessible on demand shortly

PCR Webinars radial approach

This PCR Webinar, "Radial approach in complex angioplasty: from the puncture to the haemostasis" contains two parts:

  • LIVE intervention on a patient (45 minutes)
  • LIVE discussion and session debrief with the operators (15 minutes)

Learning Objectives

Attend this PCR Webinar if you want to:

  • Master the essentials of a successful complex PCI by using radial approach
  • Interact with the operators about essential questions on radial approach and the use of specific radial device(s)
  • Be able to share with the operators on clinical case strategy and radial approach limits


About this session

  • 15:00 - Online access to the PCR Webinars platform opens
    • The platform is available on PC, tablets and smartphones
  • 17:00 - LIVE radial intervention for 45 minutes
    • React and ask your questions by using the chat section for polls and comments
  • 18:00 - Debrief for 15 minutes
    • Participate in a LIVE discussion with the operating team

Please note: the duration of the procedure may vary.

This PCR Webinar will be available on demand very soon. Thank you for your patience!

Feel free to learn more about PCR Webinars or contact us for further information.

This PCR Webinar is supported by Terumo. Please note that the Scientific Programme has not been influenced by its sponsor.

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