Practical Course on Hypertension (PCH)

The Practical Course on Hypertension provides a novel approaches for management of a patient presenting with Resistant Hypertension.

Practical Course on Hypertension (PCH)

The PCH Board provides a thorough update in the developments in the field of Hypertension. Critical information will be made available on PCRonline. 

PCH - Practical Course on Hypertension 2016

The fruitful Clinical Consensus Conference on Renal Denervation was held in December 2014, aiming to discuss the current unmet needs in the renal denervation field, reach a consensus on future renal denervation clinical trials design and set up a European collaborative network in order to approach regulatory body (EHA / European bodies) and facilitate future grant applications. The outcomes of the meeting were recapitulated in the "Proceedings from the European Clinical Consensus Conference For Renal Denervation – Considerations on Future Clinical Trial Design" article, published in the European Heart Journal in September 2015.

Following our recommendations, the scientific evaluation of renal denervation is now ongoing and the feasibility trials are up and running. In pursuing the next steps in the scientific exploration of renal denervation and its potential place in the armamentarium of hypertension treatment, we have decided to host a Clinical Consensus Conference — Part II, where potential outcomes of the current studies, the impact of recent hypertension trials (eg. SPRINT and PATHWAY), and recommendations for the next phase of clinical trials will be discussed. The outcomes will submitted for publication.


Felix Mahfoud and Costas Tsioufis on behalf of the PCH Board —  Sebastian Ewen, Atul Pathak, Roland Schmieder, Horst Sievert, Christian Ukena and Thomas Zeller