PCR Innovators Day Paris 2017 Programme

Find out about the presenting companies, leading subjects and the major stakeholders that await you at the meeting edition on 15 May 2017 in Paris.

Programme valid as of 18 March 2017

Monday 15 May 2017

Objectives of the meeting:

  • To discover innovative and disruptive technologies
  • To encourage Europe as the place for innovation
  • To structure networking opportunities with venture capitalists / private equity world and key opinion leaders in interventional cardiology
  • To promote best practices in Med Tech / information technology and e-Health across Europe and from other parts of the world

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Objectives of the day - W. Wijns*

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Innovations at the crossroad: bioresorbable scaffolds
Facilitator: S. Windecker

Expert Panellists: A. Lafont, J. Ormiston, P.W. Serruys, S. Verheye, R. Virmani*, B. Warnack*

Debaters: A. Abizaid, J. Fajadet*, R. Rapoza, R.K. Schultz, R. Waksman*

09:00 Overview of the field - P.W. Serruys
09:15 Burning questions and debate

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Regulatory environment: has the world turned around?
Facilitators: D. Cassak* or S. Levin

Expert Panellists: S. Bernasconi, C. Lotan, T. Melvin, R. Ng, D. O'Mahony, D. Schultz

Debaters: I. Al Rashdan, M. Bosiers*, J. Calle, J. Eadie, A. Talen

Different evaluation pathways, different strategies
10:00 Weaning solution (LUNG PACER) - D. Evans
10:05 Discussion and audience interaction
10:10 Sentry inferior vena cava filter (NOVATE) and Biomimics 3D stent (VERYAN) - C. Taylor
10:20 Discussion and audience interaction
10:30 Enopace (ENOPACE BIOMEDICAL Ltd.) and Mobius HD (VASCULAR DYNAMICS) - E. Cohen-Arazi
10:40 Discussion and audience interaction

Guest Lounge

Networking and coffee break

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Innovations at the crossroad: heart failure management
Facilitator: F. Mahfoud*

Expert Panellists: J. Bartunek*, D. Burkhoff*, P.J. Fitzgerald, M.D. Lobo, F. Sharif, F. Zannad

Which approaches will work? a company case discussion
11:30 ExpHeart (CARDIO RENAL) - M. Berenger
11:35 Discussion and audience interaction
11:40 Endotronix care management solution (ENDOTRONIX) - H. Rowland
11:45 Discussion and audience interaction
11:55 Discussion and audience interaction
12:00 Axon therapies (CORIDEA) - H. Levin
12:05 Discussion and audience interaction
12:10 Fire 1 (THE FOUNDRY) - C. Hanley
12:15 Discussion and audience interaction
12:20 Ventricular assist device (NUHEART) - V. Tuseth
12:25 Discussion and audience interaction

Guest Lounge

Networking and lunch break

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Forty year of interventional innovation: what is the next big thing?
Facilitators: D. Cassak* or S. Levin

Expert Panellists: N. Bruining, M. Colson, H. Gifford, U. Kaul, H. Levin, W. Wijns

Debaters: H. Call, R. Kornowski*, M.C. Morice, M. Rothman*, P. Wong

13:30 Keynote lecture - S. Oesterle*
14:00 Burning questions and debate

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Is there anything like innovation overload?
Facilitators: D. Cassak* or S. Levin

Expert Panellists: M. Darnaud, E. Edelman, J. Eadie, H. Gifford, S. Oesterle*, N. Piazza*

Debaters: D. Bobo, N. Borenstein, A. Cremonesi*, M. Geva*, D. Young

Round table and audience interaction
14:30 Part 1: trial fatigue
14:45 Part 2: incubator's and investor's viewpoint

Guest Lounge

Networking and coffee break

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A word from our sponsor

16:05 HTI BioQuest - To Be Determined
16:10 genae - A. Talen
16:00 Sponsor to be confirmed - To Be Determined

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Innovative technologies on the verge: interventions on the tricuspid valve
Facilitator: N. Piazza*

Expert Panellists: M. Buchbinder, A. Latib*, D. Mylotte*, A. Papiernik, A. Schmitz, A. Vahanian

Debaters: J.J. Bax, M. Joner, R. Kornowski, C. Tamburino*, M. Thomas*

16:15 Overview of the field - N. Piazza

Company presentations
16:25 MILLIPEDE - Challenges from animal to human design - S. Bolling
16:30 Discussion and audience interaction
16:35 CARDIOBAND TR - Similarities and differences between the mitral and tricuspid valve - G. Nickenig*
16:40 Discussion and audience interaction
16:45 4TECH - Tackling anatomic and histologic challenges of the tricuspid - F. Maisano
16:50 Discussion and audience interaction
16:55 TRIALIGN - Lessons from surgery - A. Groothuis
17:00 Discussion and audience interaction
17:05 Navigate GATE tricuspid valve replacement - why replace and not repair? - J.L. Navia*
17:10 Discussion and audience interaction

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Funding and reimbursement landscape
Facilitators: D. Cassak* or S. Levin

Expert Panellists: M. Branagan-Harris*, M. Haude, S. Oktay*, T. Rasche, G. Stokoe, M. Wilke

17:15 EARLY BIRD - T. Rasche
17:25 SYNERGIUS - G. Stokoe
17:45 NICE / Device access - M. Branagan-Harris*
17:55 Round table and audience interaction

18:10 Closing remarks - S. Windecker

*Attendance confirmed