First Insights for PCR Innovators Day Paris 2018

PCR Innovators Day 2018 is mainly dedicated to showcase novel, promising and disruptive technologies. Find out about the main themes and objectives of the meeting's edition on 21 May 2018.

PCR Innovators Day Paris 2018 main themes are:

  • Diagnosis & Imaging
  • Valves (Aortic, Mitral, Tricuspid)
  • Digital Health – Artificial Intelligence
  • Heart Failure – Assist Devices
  • LAA Closure
  • Imaging – Radiation burden
  • Out of the Box technologies

2018 meeting objectives:

Attend PCR Innovators Day Paris 2018 if you want to:

  • Discover innovative and disruptive technologies
  • Encourage Europe as the place for innovation
  • Enjoy networking opportunities with venture capitalists / private equity / entrepreneurs / investors / small and large companies / key opinion leaders in interventional medicine
  • Promote best practices in Med Tech / information technology and e-Health across Europe and from other parts of the world

Who should attend?

  • Information technology experts interested in biological sensors and wearables
  • Exports e-technology and big data handling
  • MedTech inventors and start-ups from all over the world
  • Medical device industry companies and associations
  • Venture Capitalists and other funding organisations
  • Heads of R&D, clinical, business development of Pharmaceutical/Medtech/Imaging/e-Healthcare companies
  • Experts in Health Technology Assessment and innovation-research funding agencies
  • Cardiovascular technology incubators
  • Academic technology transfer organisations
  • Financial, market research analysts in the field of interventional medicine
  • Regulators and reimbursement advisors, payers and government authorities
  • Physicians experts and clinical scientists
  • Engineers and biotechnology PHDs