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Discover who the Course Directors, Course Co-Directors, Guest of Honor and Programme Committee Members will be for this year's edition of PCR London Valves 2017.

Course Directors


Course Co-Directors

International Course Co-Directors

Programme Committee Members

  • Vinayak Bapat, United Kingdom
  • Mohamed Abdel-Wahab, Germany
  • Marco Barbanti, Italy
  • Peter Boekstegers, Germany
  • Jonathan Byrne, United Kingdom
  • Fausto Castriota, Italy
  • Victoria Delgado, Netherlands
  • Nicolas Dumonteil, France
  • Helen Eltchaninoff, France
  • Martine Gilard, France
  • Carmelo Grasso, Italy
  • Jane Hancock, United Kingdom
  • Ran Kornowski, Israel
  • Axel Linke, Germany
  • Philip MacCarthy, United Kingdom
  • Darren Mylotte, Ireland
  • Georg Nickenig, Germany
  • Sonia Petronio, Italy
  • Lars Sondergaard, Denmark
  • Didier Tchétché, France
  • Hendrik Treede, Germany
  • Ralph Von Bardeleben, Austria
  • Christopher Young, United Kingdom
  • Thomas Pilgrim, Switzerland