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Top 3 Clinical Cases

PCR London Valves 2017

What does it take to build a winning Case presentation? Discover the 3 Best Cases arising from the Call for Submissions: meet the authors, view the selected images from their cases and take notes of their tips for a successful PCR submission! Case presentations will be available for download after the Course.

Dr. Gilbert Tang (MD, MSc, MBA)

Mount Sinai Health System - New York, USA

Case Title: First percutaneous leadless pacemaker implantation and transcatheter tricuspid valve repair for lead-associated severe tricuspid regurgitation.
Case insights & Interview


Dr. Estévez-Loureiro

León University Hospital - León, Spain

Case Title: Percutaneous transcatheter tricuspid repair in a patient with a failing De Vega annuloplasty.
Case insights & Interview


Prof. Dr. med. U. Schäfer

University Heart Center - Hamburg, Germany

Case Title: Toolbox - Simultaneous double transseptal access for direct annuloplasty and edge-to-edge repair for treatment of severe functional mitral regurgitation.
Case insights & Interview