PCR London Valves 2017 Programme

The PCR London Valves 2017 Programme focusing on interventions for valvular disease is out! You can also discover the LIVE Centres and access the Course Structure of this edition.

A Highly Educational Programme

The 2017 Programme is out ! You can now start planning your Course.

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What will you find at PCR London Valves 2017?

  • A highly educative Programme focused on interventions for valvular disease
  • A Course designed By and For all members of the Heart Team: interventional cardiologists, surgeons, nurses and allied professionals…
  • A special focus on imaging starting with the Imaging Day on Sunday, and pursuing throughout the Course

LIVE Centres:

The educational quality of the LIVE demonstrations is PCR's key priority. When preparing for their LIVE demonstrations all Operators strive to respond to the two following fundamental questions:

  • What do I need to demonstrate during this LIVE case to help members of the audience improve their personal skills?
  • As a member of the audience, what would I like to see and understand during the LIVE demonstration that helps me improve my daily practice?

This year, LIVE demonstrations will be transmitted from 3 Centres of Excellence from Italy, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Discover this year’s Centres of excellence!

Course structure

The PCR London Valves Course structure 2017 is now available: use it to plan your on-site schedule.

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