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PCR Tokyo Valves 2017

Bringing the global standard of TAVI to Valve Teams in Japan, Asia and beyond

7-9 Apr 2017

Tokyo, Japan

JP Tower Hall & Conference, Chiyoda-ku


View the photos and get a glimpse of the 2017 edition of the Course.


PCR Tokyo Valves 2017

PCR Tokyo Valves is an educational meeting for interventional practitioners interested in percutaneous valve intervention.

Understanding the expansion of transcatheter valve therapies in Asia is not just a question of knowledge, experience and technique, but also the cultural, economic and anatomical differences that are specific to the region. Learn how PCR Tokyo Valves is expanding to become the Asian forum in this field … This year the course also includes LIVE demonstrations from Singapore and France.

Thanks to the 368 active participants for joining us. Save the date for the next edition of PCR Tokyo Valves: 30 March - 1 April 2018.