Consult the videos related to the PCR Tokyo Valves highlights and learn how the Course is expanding to become the Asian forum in this field.

PCR Tokyo Valves Learning from 2016, perspectives for 2017

Understanding the expansion of transcatheter valve therapies in Asia is not just a question of knowledge, experience and technique, but also the cultural, economic and anatomical differences that are specific to the region. Learn why as P. MacCarthy from the UK with K. Hayashida from Japan, H-L Kao of Taiwan, and K. K. Yeo from Singapore discuss current Asian practice. Are there different complications facing Asian specialists? Is there a specific appeal among Asian patients to the noninvasive approach? What is the status of noninvasive mitral interventions? Learn the answers to these and other questions - and how PCR Tokyo Valves is expanding to become the Asian forum in this field…