The programme focuses on innovation and technologies in the field of valvular interventions, specific to TAVI (transcatheter aortic valve implantation).

TAVI procedures are becoming increasingly prevalent in the region but most data available today focuses on Western patients. This Programme will shine a light on Asian patients, who present specific medical challenges and provide a unique opportunity for practitioners to enter a global conversation. Generating ideas, new studies and activity related to Asian patients will produce much-needed data, leading to future advances in the field for physicians all over. The remarkable skill level in Japan, especially in performing TAVI procedures, and the great number of interventional practitioners in the country make it the right place in Asia to let this PCR initiative blossom.

Discover the PCR Tokyo Valves 2017 Course structure breakdown with all session details.

Attend PCR Tokyo Valves if you want:

  • To discover new techniques and technologies
  • To structure networking opportunities
  • To promote best practices in healthcare across the region and from other parts of the world