Imaging Day

Attending PCR Tokyo Valves 2017? Find all you need to know about the Imaging Day on Friday 7 April and start planning your Course!

PCR Tokyo Valves 2017 will begin with an afternoon devoted to imaging. To be held on Friday 7, this Imaging Day has been fully integrated within the Course Programme.

The Imaging Day has been conceived to:

  • Acknowledge the key role that imaging technologies play in the assessment and treatment of complex patients (TAVI & Mitral)
  • Attract the specialists of Imaging in mitral and aortic interventions
  • Highlight the importance of a Heart Team approach


Who should attend?

Interventional cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, nurses, anaesthesiologists and imaging specialists committed to transcatheter valve interventions.

Imaging Day at PCR Tokyo Valves


Imaging Day sessions:

14:00-15:30 – Imaging of the aortic valve complex for TAVI

Attend this session if you want:

  • To fully understand which anatomical features are important for TAVI
  • To appreciate the complementary roles of echocardiography and CT before, during and after TAVI
  • To learn an update on hypoattenuated leaflet thickening


15:45-17:15 – Learning Imaging for TAVI

Attend this session if you want:

  • To learn how to analyse a CT scan of the aortic valve complex before TAVI
  • To understand which clinical and anatomical variables are important for both patient and device selection
  • To appreciate the differences in CT analysis between bicuspid and tricuspid aortic valves and how this may influence patient and device selection


17:30–18:45 – Imaging of the mitral valve complex for transcatheter intervention

Attend this session if you want:

  • To fully understand the anatomical complexity for the mitral valve
  • To appreciate echocardiographic assessment of mitral regurgitation
  • To learn imaging planning for mitral intervention


Join us for a full day of learning, sharing and discussing with your peers! The Imaging Day is fully integrated within the Course. If you'd like to attend, please register for PCR Tokyo Valves 2017.

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