PCR Clinical Research

The Course devoted to Education in Clinical Research

Initiated in 2015 under the impetus of the renowned pioneer interventional cardiologist Jean Marco, the mission of the Course is to highlight the fundamental link between clinical research and best clinical care, with the ultimate goal of addressing the needs of the patient.

The Course is tailored for those of all levels: physicians, research fellows, research nurses and coordinators, industry partners, CRO representatives and regulators. It provides an innovative and coherent learning experience that enables participants to confidently play a new role or become more proficient actors in the field, both as individuals and as a team.

The core curriculum of the Course is divided into 3 main chapters - Critical thinking, Participating in a study and Running a study.

PCR Clinical Research at EuroPCR 2017

Comments from previous participants include:

“... the structure of this Course is totally different from the traditional classroom...”

“... this session is the best that I’ve attended...”

“... the speakers knew we came with different expectations, different ideas, different levels of knowledge…”

PCR Clinical Research @EuroPCR 2018

The 5th edition of the Course will be integrated in the Programme of EuroPCR in Paris, on Thursday 24 May. Upon this occasion, 4 specific modules will address the following very deceptively simple questions:

Why be there? 

Critical thinking, participating in a study, running a study … Whatever your level of experience, join your peers in Paris on 24 May for this innovative Course totally devoted to education in clinical research!


Programme information:

  • Critical thinking – They say “this is a positive trial”: can I trust the conclusions?
  • Critical thinking – They say “noninferiority was met”: what does it mean, and is it enough to change my practice?
  • Participating in a study – I want to be the top enroller! How can I improve my centre performance?
  • Running a study – The “blank slide syndrome”: how can I prepare an effective presentation and convey my message to a wide audience?

The modules will be facilitated by experienced experts in the field who will:

  • use innovative tools and teaching formats
  • encourage maximum participant interactivity 
  • initiate education through role-playing, hands-on research, in-session contests, etc

Maximum participant interactivity will be on the menu as experienced facilitators impart valuable education in a practical, interactive manner using innovative tools and formats that involve role-playing, hands-on research, in-session contests and buzzers.
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Practical information:

  • All 4 modules will take place on Thursday 24 May
  • In Room 342A on Level 3 of the Palais des Congrès
  • Participants may choose to attend all 4 successive modules or select only those which correspond to their needs
  • Registration: a badge for EuroPCR entitles the holder to access all modules; should participants wish only to attend the PCR Clinical Research Course, a day pass is available for the purpose
PCR Clinical Research EuroPCR attendees