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PCR Clinical Research EuroPCR 2017

The Course devoted to Education in Clinical Research

The mission of the new PCR Clinical Research initiative is to highlight the fundamental link between clinical research and best clinical care, with the ultimate goal of addressing the needs of the patient.

This year, the Educational Journey continued with brand new modules on trial interpretation, study initiation, more advance knowledge of basics statistics, and writing of clinical papers. Four units specially devoted to Clinical Research were held on Thursday 18 May 2017 during EuroPCR.

These sessions are dedicated to physicians, research nurses and coordinators, industry partners and CRO representatives.

PCR Clinical Research at EuroPCR 2017

Relive PCR Clinical Research at EuroPCR!

Join D. Capodanno , C. Cook , M.C. Morice , D. Mylotte , R.L.J. Osnabrugge in this video to relive the best moments of this year's edition. Listen to participants share what makes this Course so appealing and explain why its unique format is so engaging.

Scientific Programme

Four sessions included in the EuroPCR 2017 Programme were devoted to Clinical Research on Thursday 18 May.

Room 352B

Everyone speaks about this trial but... I read only the conclusions! How can I appraise it critically and make my own judgement?

Attend this session if you want:
  • To be able to recognise the "anatomy" of a clinical trial
  • To be able to distinguish the clinical and statistical implications of a clinical trial
  • To construct your checklist for approaching the critical reading of a clinical trial

Room 352B

I have a good idea for a study and patients who accept to participate but... I don't know what to do! How can I optimise the collection of my data and translate them into an acceptable study?

Attend this session if you want:
  • To understand which practical elements (ie, protocol) should be organised and available before conducting a study
  • To learn how to standardise data collection (eCRFs) and make it fluid and productive
  • To appreciate how a good organisation of your database translates into easier analysis when it comes to write your paper

Room 352B

I have my dataset clean and ready but... it is not enough! How can I do some analyses and get the results of my study?

Attend this session if you want:
  • To be able to run simple statistical tests yourself
  • To appreciate what adjusted analysis means
  • To present your results in graphs and tables

Room 352B

I have the results and all tables are populated but... it's time to finalise my study! How can I organise and write my paper to maximise my chances to be accepted?

Attend this session if you want:
  • To recognise the "skeleton" of a good paper
  • To appreciate what works well and what works poorly from a reviewer's and editor's perspective
  • To learn how to write a sound discussion and balanced conclusions