PCR Peripheral

Untreated peripheral heart disease is a major challenge to healthcare systems worldwide. With proven expertise and emerging new devices and data, interventional cardiologists can make a difference! The PCR Peripheral Course was created to help increase the proficiency of interventional teams, and find solutions to clinical problems and needs facing individual populations. Designed “By and For” interventional cardiologists, PCR Peripheral provides you with the hand’s on tools you need to treat peripheral vascular disease today – Learn more about this Course and earlier sessions here…

PCR Peripheral 2018

PCR Peripheral 2018 - 22-25 May 2018
Paris, France

PCR Peripheral@GISE 2017

PCR Peripheral@GISE 2017 - 11-12 Oct 2017
Milan, Italy

PCR Peripheral 2016

PCR Peripheral 2016 - 10-12 Nov 2016
Milan, Italy

PCR Peripheral 2015

PCR Peripheral 2015 - 26-28 Nov 2015
Istanbul, Turkey