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PCR Peripheral

PCR Peripheral

Made By and For Interventional Cardiologists, the PCR Peripheral Course aims to increase the proficiency of interventional teams across the world with the ultimate goal of improving patient care.

Today, the interventional peripheral space is reaching its “golden age” as it becomes the first-choice therapeutic option for the majority of patients affected by peripheral vascular disease.

The annual PCR Peripheral Course changes venue each year, and has previously been held in places such as Istanbul - Turkey and at the GISE congress in Milan - Italy. The upcoming edition will see the Course take a trip across to France to become part of EuroPCR.

PCR Peripheral Course - Live demonstration


PCR Peripheral at EuroPCR 2018 - The Course joins up with EuroPCR in Paris

PCR Peripheral Course attendees

PCR Peripheral will benefit from the particularly stimulating environment of EuroPCR during the next edition taking place at the Palais de Congrès from 22 to 25 May. The educational Programme includes two tracks adapted to different levels of experience and will include LIVE demonstration, Learning sessions, case discussions and abstracts:

Peripheral in the Cathlab by PCR: specificities and benefits

Join J. Fajadet and A. Sauguet at Clinique Pasteur in Toulouse as they discuss the valuable place and role a peripheral programme can occupy within standard Cathlabs. Learn about the specificities of peripheral intervention and how the practice has evolved.

Prepare to join peripheral devoted sessions at EuroPCR 2018!


Peripheral in the Cathlab by PCR: how to get started?

Why should young interventionalists get involved in a peripheral training programme? J. Fajadet and A. Sauguet answer this question as they share some compelling advices to help young interventionalists take their first steps in the field of peripheral interventions. Join them and prepare to join peripheral devoted sessions at EuroPCR 2018!

Peripheral in the Cathlab by PCR: the history of Clinique Pasteur


Clinique Pasteur has developed a solid Peripheral Programme within the Cathlab. Join J. Fajadet and A. Sauguet from the PCR Family as they guide you through the history and evolution of this Programme. Benefit from this unique opportunity to step inside this innovative Cathlab!

The PCR Peripheral 2018 Programme

Want to know the 2018 PCR Peripheral timetable and find out all session titles as well as expected learning outcomes? On this page you can take a first glance at what this year's PCR Peripheral Programme is going to be made of.

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PCR Peripheral for Beginners

You want to start a peripheral programme? Those dedicated sessions are entirely devoted to you!

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