Programme 2017: what is forecasted?

Get a first glimpse of this year's Programme content

At PCR Peripheral@GISE practitioners will have a chance to get into the heart of the matter

This year, PCR Peripheral is happy to join the 38th National Congress of the Italian Society of Interventional Cardiology (GISE) for two days in Milan, Italy. Get insights on this years Dual Track Programme and discover the LIVE Centre of excellence that will be part of this edition. 

Dual Track Programme

Designed by and for interventional cardiologists, our educational Programme includes two tracks adapted to different levels of experience:

  • The « Essential» learnings are meant for those interventional cardiologists who are just making their way into the universe of Peripheral procedures
  • The « Applied » track is aimed at more experienced physicians who wish to take their knowledge and practice even further

The full curriculum for both tracks will be covered over a two-year period. Physicians will be able to move from one track to the other as their educational needs evolve.

Access Programme

PCR Peripheral 2017 - LIVE demonstrations

Discover the Centre of excellence that will be transmitting this year at PCR Peripheral 2017 next October and find out more about the educational quality of the PCR LIVE demonstrations.

LIVE demonstrations

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