Cardiovascular devices from SMT featured distinctly at EuroPCR 2017

The interventional cardiology meeting at Paris saw the presentation of one of the longest duration data on DES in the Industry & impressive clinical outcomes from real life SEE- Real study on Tetrilimus

Paris – SMT shared today the highlights from important clinical data presentations during EuroPCR, a major cardiology meeting concluded recently during May 16–19 in Paris. The meeting prominently featured the scores of SMT’s innovative cardiovascular devices, including Tetrilimus, Supraflex & Everoflex, coronary drug-eluting stents (DES).

The data from Dr Layth Mimish demonstrated the results from Long-term clinical performance of biodegradable polymer-coated sirolimus-eluting stent in unselected real-world Saudi patients:
Seven-year results from multi-centre SCORES registry.  The Cumulative MACE-Free Survival rate at 7-year was 84.8%. These results clearly depict excellent safety and clinical performance of the SMT DES in unselected real-world complex cohort of real world patients with coronary artery disease. This encouraging long term safety and efficacy data of SMT DES over one of the longest period of time also happens to be among the longest follow up data available on DES with Bio-degradable polymers in the industry.

The breadth and depth of SMT’s DES portfolio & technological expertise is unmatched. We are evenly positioned to work together with medical professionals across and around the world to advance the treatment of cardiovascular disease.” said Mr Piyush Savalia (Sr. V.P.Marketing & Clinical Trial, SMT). SMT is the pioneer to bring DES with biodegradable polymers, trend set by SMT was followed by several players in the industry owing to the clinical benefits of this innovative shift from the conventional durable polymers. 

The programme also witnessed the presentation on Comparison of biodegradable polymer SMTs Everolimus Eluting Stents, Everoflex (stent with biodegradable polymer coating) vs. Xience Pro (stent with permanent polymer coating), in all-comer patient population at a tertiary care hospital. At 1-year follow-up, overall mortality was 0.6% and 1.5%; and survival rate was 99.4% and 98.5% in Everoflex and Xience Pro groups respectively. One-year outcomes from Everoflex Vs Xience Pro study depicts that the SMT DES is efficacious with minimal risk of stent thrombosis, in-stent restenosis and higher survival rates in all-comers patient population. Everoflex group showed a slightly higher mortality benefit than Xience Pro, this finding may be because of thinner strut size and biodegradable polymer used in Everoflex.  SMT offers the DES with lowest strut thickness, without compromising the essential radial strength, among all the DES available in the industry.

Another highlight at EuroPCR 2017 was the oral presentation on six months’ outcome of SEE-Real registry of SMT’s Tetrilimus - Everolimus Eluting stent with Bio-absorbable Polymer. The real life SEE- Real study included more almost 70% patients with ACC/AHA Lesions type B2 & C, covering more than 200 patients. The dataset demonstrates excellent results in high-risk patients with complex coronary lesions, high procedural success rate (> 97%), and sustained safety. Tetrilimus, Everolimus-eluting stents demonstrated encouraging safety and efficacy at 6-month follow-up in terms of low MACE rates and low stent thrombosis in unselected real-world patients with coronary artery disease. In-spite of the diverse patient demography and complex lesion characteristics, Tetrtilimus stent has shown extremely positive outcomes.   SEE Real Registry outcomes indicates remarkably low rate on MACE (less than 3%)

Piyush Savalia (Sr. V.P.Marketing & Clinical Trial, SMT) said, ‘Flexibility is among the most sought after feature of coronary stents which enables the interventionist to treat more complex cases. With the similar safety & efficacy already proven in Supra family of stents, Tetrilmus with 60 µ thinnest strut thickness, is effectively one of the most Flexible and Deliverable stent available in the Industry.

About Tetrilimus:

Ergonomically designed Tetrilimus (Everolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System) is unique in a way for its ultrathin conformal and proprietary biodegradable Polymeric coating (Polymer Matrix -PLLA, PLCL and PVP) which is designed to deliver the drug in a biphasic manner: an initial burst dose, followed by a controlled release of the drug which reduces late adverse clinical events. The strut thickness of Tetrilimus is 60µ which is lowest among all the predicate devices without compromising the radial strength. These features along with flexible Long Link connector; enhance vessel wall conformability, improve deliverability and extend the reach to more distal and tortuous lesions.
Long term favourable clinical outcomes of SMT DES have been well supported by robust, ICH-GCP Compliant clinical trial program which has covered more than 12, 000 patients till date and its data has been published in various reputed indexed journals.

About SMT (Sahajanand Medical Technologies)

SMT (Sahajanand Medical Technologies) a leading medical devices company specializing in the provision of life-changing vascular solutions. SMT offers an extensive portfolio of products that set industry benchmarks in vascular intervention by being the 1st company in the world to receive CE approval for DES with biodegradable polymer. Other distinguished ‘benefactio’ include ultrathin (60μm) lowest strut thickness for all the DES options offered by the company. Company has global presence with its footprints in more than 60 countries.

Source: SMT