I.R. Platform launch

Auckland, New Zealand - Adept Medical, the Auckland based manufacturer of the STARSystem, announces the release of its latest product innovation called the I.R. Platform (Interventional Radiology Platform).  The I.R. Platform is an over the patient work surface specifically designed for use by Interventional Radiologists when working through the femoral artery.

Adept’s previous experience with the development of the STARSystem, a Radial Arm Support system used by Interventional Cardiologists around the globe, and the Femoral Table, a much smaller, lightweight, work surface to aid femoral access procedures in Cardiology and Neuroradiology, has provided further insights into the clinical environment and requirements of the wider IR field.

Post market feedback and extensive research, following the success of their STARSystem and Femoral Table products, identified the need for a longer over-patient work surface that would be useful for clinicians performing ‘over the wire’ procedures and using very long wires up to 300cm.

One of the key benefits of the I.R. Platform is the improved operational security for equipment on a stable, height and length appropriate surface unaffected by the patient’s legs.

Manufactured  from carbon fibre composite and plastic the I.R. Platform is strong, lightweight, radiolucent and very easy to set up or remove for each patient. The Lower (base) board slides under the mattress which allows the Platform to fit any procedure table. Then, with the patient lying in a supine position on the imaging table, the platform is simply placed over the patient’s legs to locate in the sockets on the Lower Board.

The height of the platform can be adjusted to suit the specific patient size ensuring the platform’s feathered, front edge can be tuned perfectly adjacent to the femoral access site. With it’s easy to attach, optional extension, the I.R. Platform can be set at two different lengths according to equipment needs.
The standalone platform (without extension) is well suited for shorter wire procedures such as ‘Rapid exchange catheter systems’ and the extended platform is suited for ‘Over the wire catheter systems’ and Neuro Radiology wires.
It’s an ideal surface for catheter and guide wire manipulation offering a large, flat work area for equipment.

Another feature of the I.R. Platform is that the working surface is secured above the patient by locking clips which connect the legs to the Lower (Base) Board under the mattress. This removes the risk that a distressed patient could dislodge the Platform off the table.

More information can be found on this webpage.

Source: Adept Medical