I.R. System Launch

Auckland, New Zealand - Following the international success of Adept Medical’s STARSystem, designed for Interventional Cardiologists using Radial Access Procedures, the Auckland based company now announces the IR System, particularly designed for Interventional Radiologists and left radial access. 

Compatible with any Imaging Table, the IR System allows the interventionalist to work on the left side of the patient throughout the procedure.  The articulating arm board provides ease of set up and aids radial access by allowing hyperextension of the patient’s wrist with subsequent relaxation for patient comfort.

The extension is attached to the armboard, filling the annoying gap and providing a transitional work-surface between the patient’s wrist and the draped equipment trolley.

To reduce scatter radiation, a movable shield, encapsulating a 0.5mm lead sheet, can be placed between the imaging area and the Interventionalist. The shield acts in addition to the existing shielding and by nature of its positioning provides substantial extra screening. Testing has shown that the lead shield reduces operator exposure when the C-Arm is in 0° PA up to 91% and 51% at waist and neck height respectively.

The articulating armboard, work surface extension, and radiation shield are sold as a complete system (IR System) for radial procedures where the physician works on the patients left side.

The IR System is available from Adept Medical from the 15th September 2017.

To see the more information on the IR System and read the full report on scatter radiation reduction.

Source: Adept Medical