Giuseppe Musumeci: Strong relationships with colleagues have given me great opportunities

Giuseppe Musumeci is the president of the Italian Society of Interventional Cardiology (GISE). In this commentary, he reviews how networking has helped his career and what GISE is doing to promote networking in Italy.

Networking is crucial for enhancing knowledge and expertise. In particular, congresses and meetings are an optimal opportunity for each of us to meet colleagues and share opinions and experiences. Strong relationships with other colleagues allow professional exchanges, with the opportunity of actively participating in clinical activities at other centres for some periods, or being actively involved in clinical trials or registries. Overall, this represents a great opportunity to get in touch with international key opinion leaders. 

For me, networking has been crucial for my career. Sincere relationships with colleagues, most of whom became good friends over the years, in the GISE has allowed me to grow (professionally speaking) – giving me great opportunities. Furthermore, in Italy, networking is becoming more and more important, especially among younger colleagues. They see networking as a means of growing, enhancing professional opportunities, and sharing opinions and experience. For example, there are an interincreasing number of meetings in which young cardiologists present challenging clinical cases and in which everybody can contribute with their opinion.

Also, the GISE is trying to enhance networking in Italy with the creation of groups and congresses dedicated to cultural and professional exchange among interventional cardiologists. Moreover, for more than 30 years, it has been collecting data from 272 cath labs. These data are subsequently shared with all interventional cardiologists working in

Looking to the future, it is important that all of the members of the society feel that they can play an active role in networking and are able to contribute to society. This is crucial for the society but, most of all, for the patient. If we all feel we are a part of a networking community, we might also become a strong interlocutor for the institutions.

Outside of GISE, EuroPCR is very important because it can promote a great cooperation among national societies; and thus, contribute to European networking. Digital resources are also
very important to enable networking in Italy. One of the fi rst things I did after my election as president of GISE was to redesign the society’s website and create a Facebook page for the society. Over the last few months, we have received more than 800 likes! We now also send periodic e-newsletters.