Multiple spontaneous intimal dissections with single left coronary artery and coronary artery aneurysm

EuroIntervention Journal

Images in cardiology: Watch the short imaging videos on RCA which were published by G. Achkouty, et al. in EuroIntervention Journal

A 25-year-old female patient without a past medical history was admitted for acute onset of retrosternal chest pain with an electrocardiogram displaying low QRS voltage and dominant apical Q-wave with troponin elevation.

Coronary angiography showed a single coronary artery arising from the left aortic sinus and an abnormal right coronary artery originating from the left anterior descending artery with multiple dissections (distal LAD artery, the RCA and an accessory branch) confirmed using intravascular ultrasound imaging. 

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Achkouty G, Henry P, Dillinger J-G


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